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Belted C.S. Pant - Oxford / Paraffin Coating - Olive

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The Center Seam Pant is characterised by a relaxed wide silhouette. The waist is elasticated with a webbing belt specification. It features a number of striking details such as 3-stitched seams in the center of both legs and overlapping pockets. A drawcord is attached to the hem, and you can also wear it with different lengths. The oxford material with paraffin coating, which is also used for TENKARA JACKET this season, is used. It is a fabric with excellent strength and water repellency.

made in Japan


S: Waist 76-88 cm / Rise 37 cm / Inseam 65 cm / Hem width 22 cm
M: Waist 80-102cm / Rise 38cm / Inseam 66.5cm / Hem width 23cm