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S.L. Rib Collar Jacket - Bright Jersey - Black/Purple

£241.00 GBP


Comfortable piece using breathable jersey material. It can be worn on most occasions and therefore it sets itself apart from general sportswear, such as the side lines of velvet material and the embroidery design.

Made in Japan


XS: Length 65.0cm / Width 58.5cm / Sleeve length 87.0 Cm
S: Length 67.0cm / Width 62.0cm / Sleeve length 88.0 Cm
M: Length 68.0cm / Width 65.0cm / Sleeve length 90.0cm
L: Length 71.0cm / Width 68.0cm / Sleeve length 93.0cm
XL: Length 73.0cm / Width 70.0cm / Sleeve length 96.0cm